Thoughts of a creativity, thinking, the human being and from life



The logic precedes language.

Language is a symbol system which refers to somewhere.

Language consists of words which refer to the matters, events and phenomena.

Language is a way to express a matter to other and himself.

The words are created from the experiences.

An experience they refer to the generalisations.

The generalisations are the contents of the words and sentences.

The words refer to the generalisations, not to the world.

When we observe the world, we will interpret the observation with generalisations and network of our language.

We do not see to the direct world because the seeing is thinking which requires language.

The experiences form the network, language is a net.

If there is no room for the word in the network, it will not belong there.

The network of each words and experiences is his own but they have been created in this same world.

Language has developed into the communication system with which we also express to ourselves on the human being.

What is the learning of the second language only the learning of it already to our part, on the second language.

It is said that the learning of the second language is wealth, it will be only wealth if we learn something from it.

The human being uses three native languages, a spoken language, written language and the language of the thinking.

The language of the thinking is an internal speech.

A spoken language is a public speech.

A written language is a thought speech.

When I think, I do not need to use all the words of the sentence of my native language and grammar.

The thinking is the thought's quick.

When I talk my native language, I will not have time to use all the words.

When I write my whole native language, I will use.

The speaker has to pay attention to his shots, he can seldom use the wealth of the whole language.

The listener lowers the level of the speech.

Language is its own on each people, they are not alike.

Another language is translated into the second language only with the approximation by interpreting.

We think with the help of the language.

We remember with the help of the language.

We perceive with the help of the language.

The wider the network of my language is the more I perceive.

We perceive the same matter differently because our language is different.

The wider the network of my language is the better I think.

The wisdom is based on the network of thinking, the language.

Language leans on the experience.

The literature creates the wealth of the language.

The wealth of the language is the wealth of the mind.


We think with the help of the language.

The thought will not be signs but it has to be translated into signs if one indicates it.

The contents of the sign are not in the signs but in the concept to which it refers.

The concepts are not the tools of the thought but concepts to which the signs refer.

When we transmit the thought to another, we will convert it into the signs which the other translates into concepts.

The concepts are jointly accepted abstract groups to which the signs refer. 

When I think with signs, concepts and associations, I can never indicate them exactly to another because I can transmit neither associations nor my concepts.

When I think with signs, concepts and associations, will never feel what I think of because every association is different and every concept is of such nature that you can not express it, I try only to experience what I think of and it takes to be a doctrine from it.

When we communicate with each other, we can transmit only signs and concepts; and from concepts we have always a separate idea the second one of the speech, therefore can never talk directly to another but we talk past other and we understand we want to have only what and we are able.

When we talk from the world, we will talk on the signs from it and on the concepts.

The concepts are abstractions.

When we talk from the world, we will talk from the abstraction of the world.

When we talk from the world with each other, we will transmit abstractions to one another and always understand them in our own way.

Our idea of the world is a group of abstractions to which the signs refer our idea of the world and always the different people's same signs do not refer to the same abstractions, there is each speaker's idea.

All the thoughts are created from the second thoughts, the thoughts are a network.

The thought is never ready.

The sentence is never ready.

The book is never ready.

Restricted can believe only that he has completed something.

Language and thinking

The logic precedes language.

The logic will be the test of thinking and the language if thinking or language is not logical, it does not pass a test, it is not thinking or language.

All significant thinking is performed with the help of the language.

The wealth of the language is the wealth of the thinking.

The word contents there is its significance, without the significance the word is a sound.

The thought is a generalisation.

Without the thought a mind a thought of the imagined reality is.

The thinking does not require language but language requires thinking.

The word is the symbol of the concept.

The concept is a thinking act.

The concept formation is a creative process.

The thinking is an internal speech.

A written language is the translation of the internal speech.

The grammars of the internal speech and of the written language differ, do not explain what will be the question when we think of something to ourselves.

If we talked our thought to the voice, nobody would neither get a clear one from it nor it even itself would not understand it later heard.

When we write, we will know what we write but do not necessarily know what we think of, when we think.

When we think when we think of all what we have read once, we will use words, we use.

When we think of the significances, we will use if we want to clear our thought to another, we need the interpreter because our thought must translate into the second language.

When we think when we indicate words, we will use words, we use our thought but it does not go to those words through what we think of like a bit.

The contents of the sentence are not its significance, the significance of the sentence is different to everybody, every one interprets it from its own point of view, this way it is always.

The sentence is always connected to other unsaid sentences and we always interpret them so as each one, we interpret them.

If we intend to talk, our language must change to the listener's level.

The thought without the word is not a thought the free one would feel, which.

The learning of the theoretical language is the learning of the second language.

What is the learning of the second natural language only the learning of it, already to our part.

The skill of many languages is not wealth because, the getting of it which you already have adds nothing

The skill of two languages to say in two ways is the same matter, an ability.

The spoken language is more complex than slower than an internal speech, therefore the thinking is much easier than talking.

The talking is heavy to the one a lot thinking.


The creativity is an ability to produce intentionally significantly, new something or unique.

The creativity is intentional, the chance is not a creativity.

The productive act is creating a new or unique one only significantly.

All the acts are not creative.

The creativity is not an act, it is carried out as acts.

The creativity is an ability.

The act is an act, I can do an intelligent or creative act or something else.

The creativity resembles an intelligence as an ability.

The creativity is not a present, it will not come in the genes.

It is the human being's creativity by wanting the accomplished group of properties which is manifested in the ability.

The creativity can be developed.

The creativity has to be maintained, have to be trained so that it would be preserved.

The creativity is not mystic.

The creativity is not an inspiration.

The creativity is unprejudiced hard work.

The creative act is manifested in the process.

The creativity is not a process, all the acts are processes.

Any given act is always a process, it has stages of the process.

The human being has to build himself in the creativity creative.

The creativity is a possibility, the creative one has to create nothing.

The creativity is a precondition for all change.

Without the creativity nothing changes.

Without the creativity nothing develops.

Without the creativity any significant one does not take place.

There would be nothing without the creativity.

There is the creativity always and everywhere, its number and degree vary.

The creativity is the property of the human being, its degree in the human being only varies.

The creativity is concept formation.

The creativity is like an intelligence, we do not say that the person is a process or an act if he is creative.

The creativity is not occasional but the chance can help a diligent worker.

The creativity is an ability to accomplish, it does not need always to come true a new something one.

The creativity is a readiness to the creativity, a possibility to make a new significant act.

The creativity is not the right part use of brain.

When we open the brain, we will find nothing from there written.

From the creativity only its shade is seen in the brain.

The madness does not make a creativity, the madness minimises the view.

The creativity is liberality.

Alcohol does not make a creativity, it paralyses.

We cannot explain a creative moment, insight.

The heart of the creativity lives in the unprejudiced attitude.

The heart of the creativity lives in the courage.

The heart of the creativity lives in the passion.

The creativity is courage, it to avoid shyness.

The creativity is a honesty, also to himself.

What is the creativity an ability to see, the essential the ability to see it is seen but what else do not see.

The creativity is that path, to go, what else do not go, to look into that room where others do not look.

The creativity is a forbearance, it requires, a longer path to produce one good idea as a thousand insignificant.

The creativity is an ability to calculate one transfer more.

The creativity takes time, a possibility.

The creativity requires a forbearance.

If the impossible ones reach for and hold on to it, something can be reached.

If the impossible ones do not reach for, any significant one cannot be reached.

The creativity is a will.

The creativity is not only the artists' property.

Where does the creativity as the leader of the group not take.

The creativity is a dozing ability.

The creativity is an attitude.

The creativity is a honesty.

The creativity is not a conservativeness, the conservativeness not, a possible creativity.

The creativity is neither created from the chaos nor in advance without guessing, it it be possible born through the chaos but all is created through a creative human being will.

The creativity is not an intuition but the hard-working creative human being has a feeling a lot.

It is said that the use of alcohol increases the creativity, in the fact it disables the man, also in regard to the creativity.

If sometimes are able to translate a psychology on the terms of the neuroscience and vice versa and then we will remove the psychology, we do not know what is a fear, we have only without the diagram an interpretation.

The neuroscience does not replace a psychology in the explaining of the creativity.

The movement is not behaviour, behaviour, when somebody brings about a business on its will is.

The chaotic information does not exist, the chaotic information is only a group of signs, whitout interpret.

The true man does as it is ordered, the creative person thinks himself.

The creativity is a freedom to carry out its thoughts, in the army a creativity has been forbidden.

The artist will not become an artist but because of an art because of the creativity.

The adding of arts in the teaching does not increase a creativity but an ability to think self adds the art, creativity.

The faculty for the listening of the music requires a creativity, the listening of the music is creation.

The creativity is what is the simplest which is genuine.

The creativity is not caused by the chance generator of brain but the will of the human being.

Its lazy creativity forbids.

The creativity is not an inspiration but raw work.

The thinking, the internal speech and the subconscious returning bring about from the memory the irrational ahaa-impression which some of them understand as a mysticism.

It is said that the psychic declining to the images of the childhood frees the creativity, it does not do it, but getting on the child's attitude level, a free observer.

It is said that the education which emphasises information and logicalness neglects the growing of the creativity, they do not do it but the lack of the sowing of the doubt.

The lack of the sowing of the doubt is a shortcoming in the creativity.

We can develop our creativity because we can become more courageous and more independent.

The inspiration will not come as a present from outside but from a human being himself.

The thoughts are often more creative than the acts, the act requires courage.

In the creativity the most important is the right questions, the answers not.

The creativity is not a wonder, it is understanding on the common sense, honesty.

The child is tabula rasa, he will see the world such when there is it, he does not see in the world what we have added there in our mind ourselves.

The child is tabula rasa, he will see the world such when there is it, this is called a creativity.

The creativity is a daring to use those thoughts which will come from behind the mind.

The creativity cannot be isolated as one property.

The normal security system of the human being resists by tendency new, creative one so that the world would not shake.

The change in the conduct can be created only from the change in the creativity.

The jump to the non-rationality does not make a creativity to an unknown one but leads to the chance.

The shaking of the one that has been got used off opens the way to the new one.

The creative one pays attention to every matter.

The creative one does not leave attention in a secondary one.

The myth of the mystims of creativity, the information about the lack of the perception of the human being is.

The creative one is interested in a secondary one.

The creativity as voluntary and conscious operation requires that the human being act according to his will.

One is ashamed for the difference and the divergence frightens.

When you examine only an own pole, you will stay in a familiar and safe one.

The human being pays attention, selects and records carefully preferably only what strengthens his former way to think, everything.

The creative moment will take place when everything is ready to it.

The creativity is the building of the language.

The routines kill the ideas.

The creativity is like the athlete's condition, it must be trained.


The remembering is a reasoning. 

We cannot remember an event because I cannot relive it; I try only to conclude what took place, from those pictures which I remember. 

We do not remember an event such when it has taken place when we experienced the event and what we remember from it but such. 

Because we do not remember all what took place, we add necessary so that we can remember something reasonable. 

We do not remember something ready but we conclude it from what we dig from our memory. 

Good concluser has a good memory. 

The remembering is thinking. 

The remembering is a mirror image from the putting into the memory. 

When I remember to sticker first to familiar matters after this contents of the memory as if games forth. 

We do not search for ready pictures or stories from our memory but we conclude and we build them from different parts. 

The memory keeps the learning network of the whole human being its inside. 

Wise has a good memory. 

In our memory there also are sticker pictures and impressionist pictures, we also will use them when we conclude what we remember which we dig from our memory. 

I do not remember a name if I do not put it into the memory, I do not remember numbers if I do not put them into the memory, putting to the memory is an active event. 

The memory of the human being is not good or bad, the human being only operates his memory so and this way, realising or to realise. 

The human being remembers best willingly those matters which are advantageous to him. 

The optimist remembers the advantageous matters to himself only and he translates the disadvantageous also to his advantage by memoring them advantageously. 

The more gifted the better I am I remember the remembering is connected to other talent. 

The significant events important to the human being stay into the memory, they are burnt there with burning iron. 

Every experience leaves a different trace in the memory. 

Every experience leaves a separate strong trace in the memory. 

I will have a visual memory when I return the event into the memory, however, I do not see it, I am only able to return into its memory. 

I do not see inside myself, my sight is directed away from me. 

The memory is a network, there are experiences of my whole life there together networked. 

I do not need to put into the memory from a new event those parts which already are there. 

The remembering is active operation, we remember what we want and also which is advantageous to us. 

The memory is not a uniform being, I do not need to remember an unnecessary one if I concentrate on the essential. 

It will not be worth my while to remember the seldom need name or number if I have a notebook. 

Only what is an advantage is worth putting into the memory. 

The remembering is courage, dare to remember. 

The more I experience the more I remember. 

More what do I learn, any better I remember. 

Into the memory the making requires the use of the language, I cannot remember the time when I did not know how to talk. 

The winning of the memory competition is not based on a good memory but to good remembering technique that has been learned, to reasoning. 

The wise one knows that it is remembering. 


The logic is language from the reasoning. 

Logic to give the rules to how we use words when talking from the world. 

The logic gives the rules to the grammar of the reasoning. 

The logic is the mother of all the languages. 

The logic is fitted by us. 

The logic was before us. 

The logic gives the rules to how we have to collect our thought. 

The logic is language, the simplest possible. 

If our thought is unlogic, it will not have a mind. 

If logic were wrong, we would revise our logic immediately. 

The logic tells nothing of the world, it is only language. 

If the world is wrong, it will not be the fault of the logic. 

The logic is not connected to the truth. 

The logical sentence is true logically, it does not change. 

Fact whether the earth or the sun circles the sun country, there is no matter of the logic. 

Are our sentence's correct sensible our exact on the logic only. 

'The earth circles the sun' and 'the sun circles the earth', both are true sentences logically. 

The true sentence tells nothing logically, it is only true. 

'Does the sun circle the earth', if we ask for 'the sun the country means to circle what' or we ask for the answer to the sentence, the logic will not give an answer to them. 

If we want to mean what 'the earth circles the sun', we will need the scientific certificates of bunch an answer to our question or then the commentary of the colloquial language which is in accordance with a healthy reason and have to believe in the fact that the sentence is reasonable in this sense, it is the matter of the understanding. 

'Does the sun circle the earth', if we want to have the answer to the question, we need bunch of scientific certificates or then the commentary of the colloquial language which is in accordance with a healthy reason and have to believe in it, it is a matter belief. 

Logic and world should not be messed up. 

In the three-value-logic the third value does not refer to the world but to our indefinite idea of the world. First and another value refers to our theoretical idea of the world. 

The logic precedes language. 

There is no matter of the logic, to say what matters in the world dominate. 

It requires a logical power of deduction, to conclude if the earth or the sun circles the sun. Also when the interpreter ditch is given what to the sentences and terms there is no matter of the logic but for example the matter of the science, it is what the science brings as the contents of logical sentences. Without this surplus value the science would not have significance. 

The logical thinking is a separate matter than logic. The logic is absolute, the logical thinking bears mistakes. 

The logical thinking is the term of the natural language, it is not clean logic. 

The logical thinking includes interpretations, the logic not. 


The intuition is having a feeling, without the conscious reasoning. 

The intuition will not come from an empty one, it will come only so fast that we do not have time the reasoning, it will first build. 

The intuition helps a diligent head purposeful worker. 

Afterwards we can build the explanation for the idea accomplished by the intuition. 

The intuition is courage to conclude before the certificate. 

The intuition accelerates thinking. 

The intuition is not a mysticism. 

The intuition is the subconscious to be expressed. 

The intuition is not an inspiration. 

The intuition will not come by waiting as the inspiration not either. 

The intuition helps when we have learned something without knowing what we have not understood yet. 

The intuition is not opposite of the logic. 

The intuition is a reasoning, the logic not. 

With the logical thinking we test the usefulness of our intuition. 

The good instinct is based on expertise and familiarity, the bad instinct is a guess. 


The optimism unlike the realism is believing to the fact that the matters are better than they would be. 

The optimist believes that the matters will come better than they will come to the event to the event. 

The optimist remembers the matters advantageously to himself. 

The optimist does not remember bad matters. 

The optimist remembers the good matters best to himself. 

In the opinion of the optimism, all will succeed. 

When I believe that all succeeds, one this also will often take place because I operate in all the ways for the success and do not hesitate. 

The optimism is needed on uncertain waters. 

The optimism is unnecessary on the sure waters. 

The optimism is also there believing which is not possible. 

The optimist can translate the lie into the truth. 

The optimism will be needed when it is not known what is possible. 

The optimism will win when it is not known what is true. 

The optimism lives in all of us, we tend to remember the matters advantageously to ourselves. 

The optimism helps to try, without the trying nothing takes place. 

The optimism brings courage. 

The optimism prevents the fear. 

The optimism is the wrong belief but often correct. 


The positivism is affirmative, inspiring accomplishing power. 

The positivism is not optimism but positiivikko can be an optimist. 

The positivism is a positive attitude to the matters, the positive human being does not need to be optimism. 

The optimism sees everything wrong, the positive human being sees better than real that everything could exist better. 

The positive leans on the experience and knows how the matters are obtained to slide. 

Postiivikko does not remain mourning the past. 

The positive is not afraid the worst one. 

The positive believes that the matters go well if they have gone well also before. 

The positive is the carrier of the ticket, he leads groups. 

The negative not, it took even where where as even where it does not get is it unnecessary to go. 

Where will The negative stay to its place, it is unnecessary to go, when there is nothing. 

The negative will find the hatch only under himself, where we can all fallen down. 

The positivism is necessary that something would take place that something is done. 



The talent is in some ability or skill a property which is better than average. 

It is said that all are gifted somewhere, in that case it will be meant that one or some of individual properties are better than other properties. 

That it is gifted somewhere does not mean that it is ungifted in some other. 

The training does not create talent but skill. 

The practice can be always used to replace the lack of presents. 

The handiness is not talent but practised skill, the talent is the best help in this also matter. 

The handiness rejects not the top gifted one, but the top gifted one rejects the skill of the handiness easily because his interest is elsewhere. 

The gifted virtuoso who has practised is the master of his field. 

Special gifted, if you are fairly gifted everything and somewhere, you will achieve usually the best results. 

If you are gifted in many, will not often concentrate anything and you will not become a master. 

The weapon can go off in unskilful hand, the intelligence in the psychopath fires the weapon. 

Ungifted does not see its lack of talent. 

The blind one neither sees an apple nor a gifted one, ungifted. 

The narrow seeing one does not see a forest from the trees and the shortsighted one does not see behind the forest. 

If your presents are not enough, concentrate together if your presents are enough for everything, then you will reach something, you see a lot but reach nothing. 

Emotional intelligence 

The emotional intelligent one knows what is the question. 

The emotional intelligent one knows what packs. 

The emotional intelligent one guesses the state of the others as its own. 

The emotional intelligent one can react to the reactions. 

The emotional intelligent one can anticipate the reactions. 

The emotional intelligence is an ability to understand the man, his emotional and his behaviour way. 

The emotional intelligence is not as such an intelligence but the intelligence can be of help in the knowing of the human being. 

The basic property of the emotional intelligence is an empathy, an ability to settle in other position and to understand the matters in the way experienced by the other. 


The intelligence is called by it, the intelligence tests measure. 

How is the intelligence knowing. 

What is the intelligence not knowing. 

Why is the intelligence understanding. 

The intelligence is a power of deduction. 

We do not call all talent an intelligence, the intelligence does not need to be the highest virtue. 

The top intelligence is an ability to be distinctly more intelligent than others. 

It is super-intelligent little, it is difficult for them to meet, its like. 

The people are average by intelligence. 

The averages are the happiest because the world has been made to them. 

All is based on the averageness. 

The intelligence does not guarantee success in the life and the success in the life does not require an intelligence. 

When we say that the intelligence is not enough for the success in the life, we will think that the success in the life is the most important but what is success in the life? 

Every one determines itself what is success in the life, others do not do it. 

Its intelligent road always clears. 

The intelligent one manages best it but not from everything. 

The intelligent one always becomes estranged. 

The intelligent one is always disappointed with the human being. 

The outsider is super-intelligent, he does not belong to the group. 

The brains of which reaches only a little over the averageness is the happiest. 

It is super-intelligent, debilitated, as far from the normal as normal. 

The intelligence is only one property of the human being, an ability. 

The intelligence is a part of the talent of the human being. 

We are but only in a different way, intelligent, all. 

The intelligence is relative. 

The status of the intelligence is so high that we want to connect it to all the features of the human being. 

So that one would succeed in the working life, one can feel, the missing brains always to replace with an incompetent superior. 

The superior does not employ more eminent than himself as his subordinate. 

The artificial intelligence, in other words the brains technique is not an intelligence but technique. 

The intelligence irritates. 

The intelligence is like a beast, it is not borne in the neighbour but it is respected, far, away. 



The prejudice is a fastened idea of the matter which the person does not know accurately. 

The prejudice can be negative or positive from the point of view we only have as the habbit to support negative prejudices. 

The affirmative prejudice is called a daydreaming. 

The prejudice is the biggest obstacle of the creativity, it will prevent already at its beginning intended for it to reach what it is. 

The prejudice gnaws the mind like an envy. 

The prejudice helps the feeling of the safety. 

The prejudice is the basic managing way of the human being. 

Prejudice is included inside to the human being. 

The prejudice is the source of fear, envy and hatred. 

The prejudice is the source of a standstill and passiveness. 

The prejudice is change resistance. 

The breaking of the prejudice itself it requires a growth. 

When a prejudice steps into the room, the positivism will disappear at the same time on the opening of the door. 

The prejudiced one never chooses a new path. 

The prejudiced one never looks behind the corner. 

The prejudiced one never crosses a sea. 

With the prejudice we anchor ourselves tightly in the safety. 

The prejudice is the relative of the fear. 




There is an idea no self-esteem from ourselves but how do other people influence our behaviour through that mind of ours. 

The self-esteem is our subconscious idea of other people's effect for our behaviour. 

The self-esteem is the degree of the independence of our will and our operation from other people. 

The healthy self-esteem does not overestimate other people's expectations. 

The self-esteem is not the same as the self-confidence. 

We are not familiar with our self-esteem as a separate experience. 

The self-esteem culminates in that what others think of of us we imagine. 

The human being is very essentially he thinks what being. 

The bad self-esteem is the despising of others. 

The good self-esteem is the appreciating of others. 

The bad self-esteem is the forbidding of himself. 

The good self-esteem is the acceptance of himself. 

The bad self-esteem is the over highlighting of himself. 

The good self-esteem is being enough to himself. 

The self-esteem is of two kinds, social and ability self-esteem. 

The social self-esteem is the experiencing of himself through others. 

The ability self-esteem the meeting of himself in the performance pressure. 

The good ability self-esteem is belief in the success of its act. 

The good ability self-esteem is a skill to carry out its act. 

The good social self-esteem is an internal confidence to himself when meeting the others. 


The paradigm is a closed group. 

In the paradigm a forest but trees is not looked at. 

The paradigm is to some community from some matter a view system which has entrenched. 

The general idea is a paradigm. 

The paradigms are always created. 

The paradigms are necessary so that we could breathe. 

Against the paradigm one can fight only with the second paradigm. 

If you do not believe in the paradigm, you will be outside its world. 

In the paradigm the emperor's non-existent clothes are seen together if you do not see clothes, you are an apostate. 

The paradigm will begin after having ripened for some time to fermentate from its inside like juice where yeast hurries. 

One language is one paradigm, one party is one paradigm one sect is one paradigm, one sentence is one paradigm. 

The paradigm is our party. 

The change in the worldview is not a change in logic but in how we name matters, the logic is one and the same. 


The mathematics is language from the numbers and their relations. 

In the mathematics the numbers are given. 

In the mathematics the relations of the numbers are given. 

The human being has given the numbers and their relations at the initial stage. 

The mathematics invents more relations. 

The mathematics has its own syntax, it does not have semantics, the mathematics is a theoretical language. 

The mathematics is a tautology, it adds nothing to the reality. 

The mathematics does not refer to the reality. 

The mathematics points the numbers to the world which does not exist. 

The mathematics can be used for the measurement of the reality because the reality and the mathematics are staying. 

Because the reality and our idea from it change all the time, we have to change, have to add mathematics also. 

We name the numbers ourselves, the germs of the mathematics and their relations, thus as we name. 

The 1,2,3... numbers are, we do not know what one means but we understand to use it. 

1+2=3; we neither will know nor understand what the distances of numbers are when they to us are taught well but to use to our part of them. 

1+2=3, Will not know and what do the differences of the numbers are not understand when they to us are taught well but to use to our part of them. 

The teacher of the mathematics learned the rules of the mathematics from the previous teacher of the mathematics. 

Nobody requires what the mathematics is, nobody requires why 2 will come after 1. 

The mathematics is a game; you can always invent new rules and can prove them, these are new part games or transfers in the game. However, the buttons and the board are given. 

In the mathematics the proving is permissible so that those numbers and relations which have been agreed on and what has been already proved will be used. 

There is the first certificate of the mathematics ... 

The rules of the mathematics are given to us, we have given them at the initial stage itself. 

You cannot add defaults to the mathematics. 

If you modify the defaults of the mathematics, the whole mathematics will change second, you cannot change what has been given. 

The mathematics leans on the logic, it must always pass the test of the logic. 

One always points together, so not to two sometimes, plus it is always plus, 1+1 are always 2, these are rules of the logic. 

The mathematics is not staying but the reality is. 

The mathematics stays even if we removed the reality. 

The mathematics is a fantasy of the human being, it does not exist like the human being to imagine. 

Normal distribution 

When we examine the normal distribution and then we will examine it in more detail, we can see that all the properties of the people are divided according to the normal distribution. 

Checked with the normal distribution in the person of the human being, in talent and there are differences in other properties. 

Normal distribution shows how the properties of the human being are divided in regard to quality or the classification. 

According to the normal distribution, it is superintelligent as far from the normal as it is normal from debilitated. 

The debilitated one can neither understand the normal nor but the normal one can understand a debilitated one, the normal a superintelligent one, normal and superintelligent. 

The normal distribution gives the distances of the properties of the people. 

The difference in the people is natural. 

The democracy is based on the thought that there should be no differences. 

The democracy is based on the majority rule. 

In the democracy there are fewest sufferers. 

In the democracy only crazy and gifted suffer. 

The identification of the difference is frightening, one must fall from it silent. 

The henchman always allies with the second henchman, unskilful, other, unskilful, also. 

The species companion always defends from its like and will protect itself this way from the third one. 

The judgment of each human being is on its place pointed by the normal distribution to him. 


The purpose of the art is to give a human being (aesthetic) an experience. 

The art seldom gives merely the aesthetic experiences and the experiences of the life are more important. 

The giving of the experience is the most important task of the art. 

The experience given by the art can be unpleasant and can still be, an art but then we move in the margin of the art; we do not seek unpleasant experiences. 

The good art tries to give a significant aesthetic experience. 

The art can represent something but what is not an art, an art to present it there is an experience. 

All wears out, also an art we will not get a pleasing experience any more from the art if we repeat the experience too often. 

The art must change so that it could give a human being shaking experiences, therefore the familiar experience is not shaking. 

The art has been condemned to change. 

An artist is not always becoming an artist. 

The human being determines the art. 

Every one can name its work as an art. 

The art is what at a given time as an art is named. 

All art is not good or interesting. 

On the modern art there will be no limits if the limits were determined, it would be talked about an old art.Having one creative idea its bird cherry trees often to be the whole life as an artist it is a long and heavy cake. 

The flight to the art is a flight from the world. 

The creative artist is as rare as a skilful carpenter. 

The new art is not necessarily better than old, it only gives new experiences. 

The art has not been meant for everybody but for every one an art has been meant. 

The art will frighten if it does not understand, the fear hates its time. 

To most people the modern art is a forbidden town. 

When you sign the table, you will rape it. 

When you name the work of art, you will do something which does not belong to the art species in question. 

The name on the painting is not painting but poetry. 

The name of the work of art will not be a work of art but the poem from the work of art if the one that has been done does not name, be partly of an art act. 


The purpose of the science is to give better and more exact information about some matter. 

Why does the science explain matters and reports. 

The science not, it describes and explain all the matters. 

The truth is the best opinion. 

The best opinion is determined by the council which is the scientific community of its field. 

All the explanations are not science, the science is made in a scientific community. 

The best seers or the ones which want such collect to the scientific community. 

The scientific community is usually the best quarter to tell what is and why. 

The scientific community does not have a competitor who would adopt a seriously attitude to the information. 

In the scientific community science is made, however, most of the time of the community wears out to something else. 

The scientific community is a community in which there are a hierarchy, management and rulers. 

In the scientific community the power is based on the expert power, the expert is one who has a power. Among the science the biggest talents collect or such. which want to be scientists 

From the scientists within the sphere of the science only the small part has a significance from the point of view of the science. 

In the science the own advantage is often the most important matter. 

The science does not have a competitor in practice. 

The science proceeds very slowly. 

The science is everything measure, everything, what also when is known. 

The new theories replace the old in the science. It is said that the science approaches the truth, the world. 

Science to reach the truth when, the world ends. 

The truth is a end of the world. 



The knowledge is the essential, to know about the matter. 

The knowledge is a skill. 

The knowledge is neither data nor information. 

The data is character strings. 

The information has been announced, a sign group. 

The information is character strings or the spoken sounds from which the human being feels, knowledge mielessäänmuodostaa. 

The computer is not a computer but a datankäsittelylaite. 

The computer means nothing. 

The will is connected to the knowledge, the knowledge is an attribute which belongs to the human being. 

The human being will convert the information or the notice to the knowledge when he interprets in its mind. 

The knowledge is a social concept. 

The knowledge is a well justifiable belief to a social group. 

The more you know the more you know. 

The more you know the more you perceive. 

The more you know the more wise you are. 

The more you know the more you remember. 

The more you know the better you talk. 

The more the more you know you understand about the speech. 

The speech must be talked according to the moon dirt. 

If one imagines that it is knowing, one cannot necessarily know. 

The bad knowledge is belief. 

The bad knowledge is a belief. 

The wrong knowledge is a lie. 

Some of them know nothing, most of them know only few. 

The knowledge is a claim about the external matter of the knowledge. 

The knowledge is not an individual word, it cannot be interpreted as knowledge separately. 

The knowledge will always join the words and significances to the network when the word is interpreted, it gets paikkansaverkostossa. 

The knowledge requires, a wide memory network and päättelykykyjärjestelmä. 

The human being cannot be crushed the knowledge to the flood but to the fear that the knowledge is crushed to the flood. 

It is impossible to learn too much, the brain capacity cannot be exhausted. 

The knowledge has been justified from how the matter is, a belief. 

The knowledge is the network of significances. 

The term significance is through the significance network in relation to the crossing event of the term. 

The knowledge neither creates the world, the theory of the physics nor the theory of the psychology can be reduced to each other, they only describe the same matter in their own way. 


Everything has its reason. 

Also the creative act has its reason. 

All the reasons are not interesting. 

One does not want to know the reason for all the events. 

The knowing of the reason can be without shark. 

The reason is an explanation. 

The reason helps to understand the matter. 

We can never know all the reasons for the event. 

The reason is always only a partial reason. 

The event can happen without the reason. 

The reason is our explanation for the matter. 

The reason is usually the newest reason. 

When we explain the reason for a matter or event, we will not explain all the effects and conditions of the world even though they are preconditions for the event, in other words reasons all. 

There are always millions of reasons. 

The reason for every event can be described in millions of ways. 

The reason is usually that reason in which we are interested. 

In the world there is no reason, everything takes place as takes place, we make reasoning. 


It is an ability to count more a two transfer genius. 

The ability always to see the genius is the essential. 

The genius is an ability to understand the matters as they are. 

The genius is not a weather vane. 

The genius is taught by nobody. 

The genius learns from everything. 

The genius is unique, it is not every boy's stuff. 

The genius is so big that it cannot be understood totally if you are not a genius yourself. 

The genius is so unique that what you are or where are a genius, in it, you do not find a discussion partner -, from the books of the ones at least living. 

In the genius the intelligence and the wisdom combine in the highest with possible way. 

The genius understands his genius but is not always sure of it, he can be convinced of it only himself. 

The genius can keep company sensibly only with the second genius. 

The genius is so rare that he does not meet the second genius during his life. 

The genius can keep company with only dead. 

To the genius the ordinary human being is mass which goes to and fro, even without the smallest consciousness, from what is unconscious the question. 

The child genius is talent that has been ardently practised.



There are two species of the truth. 

The first one says that all is as it at a given time is. 

One should not talk from the first one more. 

According to other, the truth is the best understanding of how the matter or the matters at a given time are in the world. 

The world is being outside all my consciousnesss and my consciousness. 

The world exists irrespective of me. 

The world will be of such nature the crystal's clear when there is it. 

The truth from the matter is best a justifiable claim and belief each moment from how the matter is. 

The truth is something described. 

There is no truth without the human being. 

The truth is to the matter a view from the human being. 

The truth is not a matter itself but a description from the matter. 

The world cannot announce without the description such as there is it. 

One cannot want the truth such as it is the world, the human being wants the truth. 

The human being can understand the truth described to himself only. 

The world as such could be the absolute truth but nobody can tell it to us because the story would be only a description which would not be the absolute truth. 

The truth is connected to the knowledge of the human being, as a concept of something, the world without the human being the truth interest not. 

Best the justifiable belief changes with time and development. 

The truth will change when the information changes even though the world stays. 

The development is changes in the time, all the directions are possible to the development. 

Nobody knows what is the truth, nobody can say what is best a justifiable claim. 

There is no judge for the truth. 

During each time the elites of the people can tell the matter of best the justifiable belief. 

There are the best justifier of beliefs out of the circle of the science, in those matters which the science studies. 

The scientific community is able to tell the present truth from the matter at the moment. 

The scientific community does not mean everything. 

The scientific community knows what does not know. 

The scientific community is fallible. 

The science does not study all the matters of the world, the truth of this kind of matter tells some else, the truth of this kind is in weaker hands. 

The science will hanker the reasons immediately if it is possible to justify a matter better in some scientific community or the community in question will become a member of the scientific community. 

The scientific communities compete for the truth. 

The scientific communities do not say what is the truth. 

The scientific communities try to show the non truth of the other scientific community. 

Even though the true claim is our claim about the world, we do not know what sentence is true but we can try to justify the superiority of the sentence with respect to the truth compared to the second sentence. 

The truth is a relative matter, it cannot be other because it is belief of the human being from the matter. 

The truth in big T is the truth is a perfect description of the matter or the matters how it is in the world, there can be no this kind of a description because the description is not the same as the world itself. 

The perfect description from the world or its part cannot be given because the world changes all the time, nobody would have time to listen to it when it would be already other. 

It is said that the knowledge of the scientific community improves in time, it is said that the science develops. 

The science cures and focuses its explanations in the course of time; when the explanations sharpen the science, the world will enlarge at the same time. 

Our information about the world the world and enlarges in the same way as the space enlarges. 

In many fields of the science we are only on the beginning, for most matters a sciense does not yet exist. 

The knowledge of the human being about the world is said that the science approaches the truth on the big T; will the human being reach the truth sometimes, we may never know it and it eventually is not a very important matter but we can think about it coming, evening. 

The spreading of the lie is a bigger sin than lying. 


I see what I have learned to see.

The seeing is perceiving and making coneptions.

The seeing is thinking.

The better I think the more I see.

The bigger the the information network I have the more I see.

The more I know the more I see.

All the people see the same on the same matter on different way.

The intelligent one sees a lot.

The wise one sees the essential.

The seeing is concluding.

The seeing must be learned.

I one can teach for the seeing other people who have learned already to see.

The child sees more.

The child can look at the matters wrong also towards.

I learn to see as, others also, I do not separate from others in this relation.

I see nothing if I am not able to dress to see to be words.

What cannot be described with words in some way cannot be seen.

The seeing is the building of the concept network.

The seeing is like the seeing of the sleep, often a part of the sight must be invented so that something reasonable would see something which can be understood.

If I intend to see something on the different way, I must develop my own theory from my seeing and to make others believe in it.

It is difficult to make others see on the different way.

It is better only to see as, others also.


We call the phenomenon a chaos if we do not get an extract from it, we are not able to explain it.

The chaos is a phenomenon in which there does not seem to be conformity to law.

The chaos theory searches a chaos for the conformity to law.

The chaos theory tries to show that a chaos is not.

If a chaos theory succeeds in its task, it is not needed any more.

We will appeal to the chaos when we do not know.

The chaos in the mind is a confusion.

Everything is chaos and the human being imagines that it is curbing it.

The chaos is a phenomenon which we are not able to describe in a reasonable way.

The chaos on my table is a phenomenon which I am not able to describe in a reasonable way.

The chaos theory is a group of theories from the phenomena which look chaotic, an attempt is made to describe those in some reasonable way.

It is said that the world is a chaos because we are not able to describe it reasonably as one system.

It is said a measure country that the world universe is a chaos because our measures are not enough, it.

There is no chaos, only our deficient idea of the matter which we do not command is.

Fuzzy logic

According to the fuzzy logic the world is fuzzy, this means that in some matters our idea of the world is fuzzy.

According to the fuzzy logic we do not feel possible to say at least in the theory what kind of the world in all respects is.

According to the fuzzy logic there are no true- and false-values, in the world.

The fuzzy one means an unclear one.

There is no black and white one, only tones of the grey.

The fuzzy logic does not mean unclear logic.

The fuzzy  logic is more exact logic than a two-value-logic, it does not simplify.

That the world is fuzzy does not mean that it is fuzzy but that it is not absolutely exact to us.

The fuzzy logic imagines that the logic represents the world.

The fuzzy logic points to indefinite groups consciously.

The reasons of the fuzzy logic are not theoretical but practical.

According to fuzzy logic all what is the world in the explaining, it is available useful.

According to the fuzzy logic all goes.

Explaining and describing of the world according to the fuzzy logic one can start from any given section, also from a fuzzy section.

The fuzzy logic is pragmatism all which is useful, it is useful to use.

The fuzzy logic keeps its inside a thought from the fact that one does not need to conclude, everything or explain exactlyi, the approximation is enough.

The fuzzy logic is not fuzzy.

The logic is crystal, we see the world fuzzy.

The fuzzy motion refers to our fuzzy idea, not to the world.

In the world one does not  dominate, the laws of the logic, because in the world no laws dominate.

The laws are the people's inventions.

The world is fuzzy because nobody can tell for us what kind of a world there is and the world does not tell it to us either.

It is not any such that we can describe in the world, so it is only our description outside us.

The world is as when there is it is and we can describe the world in some way.

Our way to describe the world is always fuzzy, however, something clear can be obtained also from the fuzzy.

If the world is fuzzy, it must be focused.

To us the world always remains fuzzy, however.


It is said that the time is the fourth dimension, with the help of the time we can say that something takes place.

If there were no time, nothing would take place because the taking place requires time.

If there were no time, there would be nothing because the being requires time.

We use the businesses of the heavenly body as the measure of the time, it can be a good measure to the human being.

We have agreed which pace the clocks go's.

Cannot contain what the time is but we can use time for the thinking of it.

The time is eternal, it never ends.

We can divide the time into parts and into the parts endlessly the parts.

There is no present.

The present is an illusion, we always live in the one which had gone or come.

It is the time of every own but the time has been given to us.

Our time is not it better than that of the native whose time will not pass at night.

Time the day dragonfly one does not fit, the businesses of heavenly bodies.

There is no room for our time in the businesses of heavenly bodies.

It has been agreed on what is the measure of the time, it has not been given to us.


It is said that infinite is something which does not have brims, limits not.

It is said that something can continue to infinite ones or that the space is extremely big.

In the mathematics infinite concept has been invented, an extremely big number, it is a theoretic concept which so exists only in the theory.

Infinite is something which cannot be described, so there is not infinite.

We can give only the sign, a name to an infinite one.

We cannot describe an extremely big number or cannot present extremely big space because it would not be question an infinite one at that time.

We can present extremely only as a concept, it cannot be any concrete, any concrete cannot be infinite.

We say that the space is infinite because we cannot even imagine that we would describe space very far.

The infinite one is found only in our description language, the world is as is, there it is not any infinite.

Lazy's concept is infinite.


The probability is the concept of our belief, it is always subjective.

So that we can talk about the probability, we must invent the chance.

The standard model of the chance is the throw of the coin because the coin contains two halves, we imagine, that coin in a long series will come alternately down to the second side and with turns to the second side, evenly; in reality the coin will come down as it will come but when we conclude and we decide that the coin is a tail in 50 per cent and the head in 50 per cent, we will get the happen concept and the probability that way.

The chance and the probability are theoretical concepts, they do not exist.

Nothing takes place by chance or probably but we can claim so.

There is their probability on all the phenomena and errands.

Nothing is sure, on everything there is only its probability.

The probability is an excellent concept in the explaining of everything, there are only probabilities.

The chance is not but we can imitate it very far.

The chance is not but we can believe that the chance exists.

When we are not familiar with the matter, we will talk about the chance.

When we talk as matters about the matters, we will mean probable matters.

The probability was neither by chance invented nor to happen probably.


The space is the third dimension.

One is not like time, space and a human being.

Without the space we would live, a flattened life.

The space is the air which we breathe, the place in which we are nothing without the space would take place.

It is said that the space enlarges, where we do not know it.

The space is wide, our comprehension is not enough to understand its scope.

It is said that the space is not infinite why not, we do not contain it.

It is said that the space is infinite, we do not contain an infinite one.

It is said that the space is curved if we left in one direction and we would go sufficiently, we would return to the same spot, why we do not know it.

Our sun, sometimes our own star was created and sometimes goes out, in the same way as every moment stars are created and go out in the space.

The black holes absorb stars, the black holes absorb space, where we do not know it.

At the time of the space the human being lived, only its moment when there were conditions which make the living possible on the globe.

At the time of the space there is no human being.


The freedom is independence.

The perfect freedom is independence from everything.

Free, if I am independent of everything, I will be alone perfectly in the world.

If I am alone in the world, I still cannot flee from myself, I cannot be free from myself.

The reliance from somewhere is in me in myself.

The freedom is the demand of the separation of the human being.

The freedom is the demand of the individuality of the human being.

The human being is a social being, during the leave the human being will not be anything.


The music is power which updates the life.

The music is the most abstract of the arts.

The music is the deepest of the arts.

The music is endless.

The music is infinite.

Hearding of music is thinking.

It has already been composed, that has still been composed it has been anything, all.

The music gives the opportunity to the endless dreaming.

With the help of the music the human being is able to enjoy somewhere together with the world.

The music is not familiar with the limits.

The art music is the most restricted art form.

In the classic music the critic determines the limits of the music.

The world of the classic music is the most conservative of the art worlds.

In the classic music a creativity has been forbidden.

The voice worlds are like languages, they do not understand each other Oriental meets Western not.

The music is the best friend.

The music is the source of the joy.

The music gives the peace.


The luck is for what we reach.

There can be only luck if there is bad luck.

If you are always happy, you will not be happy because you do not know what is bad luck.

The luck is insidious, foreign, one does not usually understand it, there is luck.

The luck will escape if one remains basking happy.

If one yells their luck, the tentacles will wind the bad luck to a threshold.

The human being cannot be happy for ever.

The moments of the luck of the human being are passing whiles.

The luck will be created when one reaches for nothing.

The moment of the luck can be experienced when one has reached something and does not reach for anything else.

The human being will be happy when he understands that it is not unhappy.

The luck is possible, therefore we have the strength to live.


The sleep is imaginary from the lives.

We do not see dreams but we imagine it.

I cannot dream because I do not see dreams coloured or black and white.

Asleep the subconscious works.

We dream when always sleeping because we are alive.

We do not remember our sleeps if we do not wake to it.

We cannot remember our sleeps because we do not know the language of the sleep awake.

We cannot describe our sleeps because they take place in our mind and do not think of them self.

If we describe our sleeps clearly, we develop our story ourselves and to our addition to it necessary it is not our sleep.

We cannot describe our sleeps because we do not see them.

We cannot describe our sleeps because they are not logical, on language to be explained.

We cannot describe our sleeps because we do not know what in them takes place.

We can describe only the short pieces of the sleep.

The sleep is the battlegound of our uncontrolled self.

The sleeps are necessary so that we would not get muddled.

Asleep our mind does the grief work.

Asleep our mind arranges himself itself.

The language of the sleep is not logical because we are not ordering matters about.

The sleep does not take place at time and space but in our mind asleep which is the fifth dimension.


When we are afraid, we will not be ourselves, own.

In the fear we lose the control.

When we stretch, we will be afraid.

When we are afraid, our thinking ability will slow down, we solidify.

When we are afraid, we will ally with bad.

The fear is a protection reaction which can escape from the hands.

The fear causes the hatred.

The fear causes the envy.

The fear does prejudiced.

The fear does timid.

The fear makes be afraid.

The information about the fear makes be afraid still more.

The fear leaves the wheel to be turning to its place, in our mind.

The time overcomes the fear.

The fear can gain the time.

If there is time to be afraid, it will be from bad.


When I learn, I will change.

When a teacher teaches and the pupil does not learn, a teacher has not taught.

The teaching will take place when the learning takes place.

The human being cannot be taught but it can be obtained to learn.

I can learn everybody, the words and names like a dictionary but then have learned nothing.

The learning is not the knowing of something.

The computer knows nothing.

How is the learning knowing. The learning is knowing.

The learning is a matter know-how.

In the learning I weave the nets of the knowing to each other, the learning is a handwork.

The learning is more general understanding like what is the question.

The learning is not hastening.

The learning is a skill to calculate one transfer further.

The learning is the building of the firm roof to the steady foundation, on the right supporting structures.

In the world all information must be learned.

The human being gets nothing as a present, without the doctrine.

Oppi will not come in the genes, to learn cannot record.

Human being without the transfer of the doctrine a base, as an animal begins.

What part does the human being learn everything.

The negativeness reduces the ability, a doctrine.

The fear of the failure prevents, I learn.

It prevents the doctrine from the fact that something was not yet paid attention to the fear.

The teaching has to give the lunches to strengthen the reasoning skill.

The learning of the information is not learning but the learning of the significance.


Faith (in religious way),  is believing, it is not knowing.

What is in this world, if I believe in somewhere, it will not be fait but suppose.

I can believe only in a such one what does not exist.

Cannot believe what there is because about it we can find out in a such one.

Everyone's faith and religion are own of the human being because it does not point anything, it cannot be a common picture from a something common one.

It is said that God of all the religions is one and the same, this way it could be if we could agree with something.

Faith, it materialises from fear of death and uncertainty.

Faith, there is lazy information.

By only believing, I can remove my uncertainty from what the life is.

One cannot understand the life itself without faith.

The purpose of the religion is to give the ethical rules to the life of the human being, becouse nobody else does not give those.

Nobody believes in the ethical rules given by the king, they must be insured on a higher in something one.

What kind of ever religion can I develop when I get the people or myself to believe in it.

The existence of the god cannot be proved because it is based on the belief, one can prove only The matter which accompany to the information, in some way fitted by us jointly.

The existence of the god cannot be proved because it is based on the faith and because one can believe only in a such matter which does not exist.

What does not exist, about it one cannot talk, one must only believe.

We can talk everything about the religion because everything is true which is based on the faith any given.

There cannot be faith, religion or God outside a human being and nature.

There is the religion always and everywhere, it is not dependent on me.

We cannot argue from God.

The discussion about the religion is a game.

Every religion is as correct as fath.

The value of a religion is determined, over the country thus as we estimate it.

The value of a religion is determined by it to cause from a good one to mankind.

The god is able to come to the world only in the future.

The god can come only symbolically to the world.

If God were on the earth, it would not be the religious God.

God-concept of separate religions does not refer to same God because God does not refer to any existing one.

The god motion does not become clear from the target but from the doctrine.

The concepts which do not refer to any existing one can only refer to the same if so it is agreed on.

The different religions resemble each other because their morals teachings resemble each other, not because that they would refer to same God.

It is easy to prove the existence of the god, God is in which God is believed.

The God exist if there is somebody who believes so.

The god can exist only as the subject of the belief.

The god is not in the sky or over the cloud but empty.

If God were somewhere, we could go to greet him.

One cannot come from an empty one any.

If we accept the faith, we will have all the grounds to the fact that every one gets any given belief.

The good quality of the religion is not determined by how it is true but how good it is.

According to the atheism, God is not.

The atheism is wrong because every one can invent God.

The god can not be unexisted if somebody believes in God.


The shortcoming is to control the weakness, himself, with others inability.

The weakness is the feeling of the helplessness.

The weakness is concealed by feigning strong.

Ungifted and weak people always defend each other, they ally among themselves.

The ungifted crowds form the army of the invalid who clears himself to the power with his unscrupulousness and keeps the power, only ignorant, it is able to be unscrupulousness.

The most resolute people, people who want to have a power are in the power, the most gifted not.

The human being always considers his view the best because he cannot have another view than it is.

Only the ignorant human being faiths that it is knowing.

The more you know the less you know that you are knowing.

The decidebility and the certainty are a weakness because they prove only the ignorance.

The choice of a career is decided by the chance, the restricted human being is able to choose only himself.

Every healthy human being can imagine his enemy who kills in his mind by torturing, only the sick human being carries out it.

The psychopath one is called personal or charismatic.

One wants to be leaders on which there are big weaknesses.


The drawback is bad to others or to himself.

The bad one spoils the world.

The bad one gives birth a bad one.

If you give birth a bad one, the waves will hit it far.

The bad one gives birth to the bad atmosphere to the world.

The bad one creates a hell the concept.

The human being is born empty but becomes bad and good.

The badness is a fear.

The badness is uncertainty.

The badness is an envy.

The badness spoils the world.

There is the worst the second human being for the human being.

We can be bad to the second only human being, the animal does not understand a badness.

We say about the bad human being that it is like a wild beast, it can hurt the animal more badly.

The badness is the losing of the control.

Sometimes we design our enemy's murder or death in our mind all.

I can be only bad if I understand what the badness is.

The badness fights against good.

In all us bad potential lives.

Air there can be bad no good.

If we remove a bad one, nothing will stay.


The goal of the human being is to come good.

The human being is not anything to himself, the goal of the human being is as much as possible good, to himself, to produce to others and thus.

Bad elements live in the human being, they prevent the human being from coming good but they do not prevent from trying.

The goodness is giving.

The goodness is helping.

The goodness is to pay attention to the others.

The good human being helps himself last because he knows that he is doing.

The goodness is being good.

The goodness is the biggest which the human being can reach.


The teaching only takes place when the learning takes place.

If a teacher teaches but nobody learns, nobody has taught nothing.

The target of the teaching is a pupil, the matter to be taught not.

The teacher can teach nothing, the teacher can not only make the pupil learn.

The pupil learns himself, a good teacher can help the pupil.

It is the teacher's task to make the pupil think, a matter.

The learning is based on the adopting of the information, the information is a skill and an understanding.

The matter was learned by the generalisation of the matter, it is, it is the teacher's task to make the pupil learn this generalisation.

The good teacher helps to weave the pupil of the generalisation of the matter to the generalisation- and concept-net which the pupil already has. 

The good teacher will be the guru of his field when he steps into the room, when the doctrine steps into the room and then the good pupil should not leave any doctrine without hearing.

The lecture is not teaching.

The purpose of the lecture is to present the matter, to teach not.

Somebody can learn something from the lecture.

From a good lecture one can learn a lot.


It is said that the human being has a free will, in that case it will not be meant that the will would be totally free.

If a human being has a free will, he can decide to some extent at least himself what it does.

The free will makes a human being out of the human being, to be a separation from the animals and machines.

The human being decides and chooses what does but an unknown factor directs the decision and the choice.

The human being uses his whole life for the thinking of it which it wants.

The will is not a belief but the belief directs the will.

The resolute human being acts with the learned model, not on the will.

The fate of the human being is decided by a chance.

By carrying out his will, the human being can direct his chance.

The will and the confidence to themselves go hand in hand.

The human being does not always want his best.

The belief directs information.

The information directs the will.

I do not know what I want.

I think which I want.

I want which I think.

The fear and the suspicion direct the will.

Only to dare the will do I want to have what.

By only knowing, I know I want to have what.

Purpose of the life

Nobody else than a human being himself cannot state the purpose of the life.

The purpose of the life is determined by the life.

The purpose of the life has not been given.

If I decide to live, there will be a life and chosen its purpose.

If it is lived, the purpose of the life will be a good life.

The biology of the human being directs the life.

The purpose of the life depends biology, the preservation of the species on the instinct.

The sosiality of the human being directs the life.

The good life improves the whole mankind a good one.

The good one must be produced to others so that it can be satisfied itself.

If you improve mankind a good one, you can be satisfied and can lead a good life in peace.

So that you can improve a common one, you must come good on something or in all the ways a good one.

The good life ends in the longing.

Even the good life ends eventually, luck.


The hell has been invented as a deterrent.

The hell is a matter belief, it does not exist in the world, so one must faith in it.

The hell is bad prison.

In the hell all it is bad which can be found only in the human being.

In the hell it is not more bad as, which is found in the human being on the earth.

All what is found in the hell is on the earth.

The hell is on the earth.


The heaven has been invented as a rescue.

Heaven does not exist, one must believe in it.

In the heaven all it is good what we can imagine but no what there is on the earth.

The heaven is a carrot.

The heaven is not on the earth or elsewhere.

When a heaven is not on the earth, it will be a matter belief.

The one who believe in the heaven are getting to heaven.

The heaven is a dream.


The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that this is not for me.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that everything takes place in spite of me.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that everything takes place only in my life, asleep my.

The Outsiderness is an experience of the fact that the bad luck wins the luck.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from that, beliefs in the human being and always you are disappointed.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that other people understand only themselves maximum.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that every one lives only its own life.

The Outsiderness is a feeling from the fact that you are dependent on others but it cannot be fitted.

The Outsiderness will end when you cease without thinking about other people and build the life which is independent of other.

You cannot live irrespective of others, you are always an outsider.

The Outsiderness has ended.


The highest virtue is good.

The purpose of the human being to produce to others and to enjoy a good one that way self is good.

The good one produces a good one.

If you give birth a good one, the waves will hit it far.

A precondition for good is bad.

If you want to be good, take the model from the animals.

Natural thinking is good.

A gommon sense is good.

Fairness is good.

The fairness is an integrity.

Genuineness is good.

The honesty is good to what there is.


The human being is a tabula rasa - empty table when materialising.

The child is not a small adult.

If a human being lives in the baboon herd of his life, it will become the baboon's like.

If a human being lives with the people of his life, it will become the human being's like.

If a human being lives with the people, it will become good and bad, skilful its life and unskilful everything from that space.

But at the initial stage the human being is empty, in it there is a possibility good and bad.

The human being gets the genes and others which determine the limit poles which then an attempt can be made to move when materialising to be a present.

When he is born in the world, one can get the human being as a present, a mother and father and other relatives which determine the limit poles to some extent but an attempt can be made to move them.

The playing field of the human being is free and a lot of players are.

The dark childhood is not the modesty of the environment.

The dark childhood is not the lack of toys.

The dark childhood is not the lack, poverty of the matter.

The dark childhood is the lack of the love.

The dark childhood is the lack of the approval.

The dark childhood is the lack of the safety.

The dark childhood is the keeping of the child as a small adult.

The dark childhood is bad adulthood.

The dark childhood is the lack of the attention.

The dark childhood is the keeping of the child as a child, not as a human being.

The child is flexible, the child is stretching, from the child one can get a small adult easily.

The child will go through his own age, his own stage at each stage, the child is always different.

The child will leave from an empty one the empty one cannot remember the head empty.

The memory will appear to the child when the comprehension appears.

The human being cannot remember his early childhood because, it, one cannot describe where there are no concepts.

The remembering is a reasoning on the concepts.

The child's memory will be created when his language is created.


In the wisdom the intelligence and the experience crystallize.

The wisdom is the essential knowing.

The wisdom is the knowing of it which does not need to be known. 

The wisdom is the knowing of it which does not need to be done.

The wisdom is the knowing of it what is worth doing.

The wisdom is the knowing of it which does not need to be remembered.

The wisdom is the knowing of it what is not worth doing.

The wise one goes directly.

Wise to turn when it is a need to turn.

The wise one does not start.

The wise one knows the possibilities.

The wise one can wait the worst one also.

The wise one is surprised by nothing.


The love is power which keeps the human being in the life.

Do not need to be loved that the love is possible if one knows.

It is easy to fall in love but it is difficult to love.

The love is like where the unattainable sleep, the far-away island are not an entrance.

The unattainable island can become to be reached in which case it is not an unattainable island any more.

The love is like a salmon, it is worth fishing it althought it would not get at all.

It is easy to fall in love but just when it is reaching the love, it disappears somewhere.

The love is eternal and immortal.

It is never unnecessary to make the song from the love.

It is never unnecessary to make the poem from the love.

It is never unnecessary to utter its beloved's name (in its mind).


The beauty gives the feeling of the luck.

The beauty is eternal.

The beauty is clean.

It is said that the beauty is not the most important but the stating of it does not remove a beauty.

The beauty exists, althought we would underrate it.

The beauty is in the spectator's eyes as all is in the spectator's eyes.

It is said that the beauty is not the most important so that an ugliness also could be accepted.

The beauty is real, the imagined or made beauty is not beautiful.

The beauty is beautiful.

In the beauty the beauty agrees with the love.

The beauty gives the feeling of the peace.

The beauty is an absolute value.


In the garden there is the whole life.

In the garden all dies and all is created.

The beauty lives in the garden, it feels happy well there.

The wisdom lives in the garden, it looks for a peace from there.

In the garden there is at its most blooming the luck and the greeny at most charming.

The house to build in a year and a ship in two but to build of the garden the life would'nt be enough  .

The garden is like a life, it is never ready.

The luck lives in the garden, the joy in the sun.

The garden is the source of the luck.


The power is a privilege with respect to the second human being.

The power is from it a rare feature which belongs to the community that it appears through the sexual drive also on the animals.

The thirst for power is a deceitful and general disease.

The pinch takes over the lust, it achieves.

The power creeps insidiously in the human being.

The power always damages.

The power always blinds.

The power in himself is an illness.

In the anarchism anybody does not have, it takes with respect to the second human being.

There can be no community in which there are no power relations.

The anarchism is the only one that should be reached for.

The anarchism is impossible but it can be reached for.


The money turns the world, the lack of the money makes slaves of us.

Collect a fare from the dream, the dream is from the freedom.

The dream from the freedom is a dream from the independence from everything.

From the independence from everything the dream is a dream from the emptiness.

The dream from the emptiness is a dream from the death.

We work so that we would get money, not because of our living.

The money creates the dream, to get more money.

The emptiness does not become full of the money.

With the money everything gets.

The money is only numbers which do not exist but our belief in them.

The emptiness becomes full of a concrete one of a concrete only some any given one.


If you want something, you must be public.

You cannot become any significant without being public either.

If you are significant something and are not public, publishers are interested in it most.

The publicity is a good hired man but a bad master.

We want to prove with the publicity that we exist.

We want to show with the publicity that there is a meaning in our life.

We create from the publicity in our mind an illusion in which we see ourselves in the beam of light 'that did not live in vain'.

We try to build a bigger than we would be one of ourselves with the help of the publicity.

Our publicity aim is the highest certificate of our weak self-esteem.


The globe has been divided into the Nations (countries).

The nation is a collection people and tribes.

The nation is an artificial community.

It is indicated with the nation that all its members are justified to what belongs to them.

All the people resemble each other, they are the same root.

All the people are level honoured in the nation, it defines the human being.

The people are not level honoured in all the countries, all the countries are not countries.

The nation is a community, the community has to form because the anarchism is impossible.

In the nation the power is given to something.

In the nation the power is divided on several quarters, the divided power is a power which has splintered.

The power which has splintered is a power lost, the fragments not, a section, each other.

In the nation we protect ourselves from others.

In the nation we hanker what does not belong to us.

The power belongs to the people.

The nation hankers the power.

The nation makes a war against the nation.

The human being does not make a war, the human being answers but the human being in the nation makes a war against the nation which consists of the people.

The nation creates a bad one.

The nation is a primitive union towards the commonunion.

Work community

The work community is a salary community in which the people earn money from the lives for.

The work community is a collection occasional people, that kind of a people-bunch is possible only in the work community.

The people of the work community are different among themselves in all the ways, that kind of a community is possible only in the work community.

The work community is held by a fear together.

The work community is the caricature of the good community.

The work community is an illusion about the community.

The rescuers in the organisation replace the lack of the talent of the majority.

It could be a community if we would want so a work community.


The conservative neither changes nor changes nothing.

The conservative's world is and stays.

The conservativeness is based on the safety.

The conservativeness is based on the adherence from the good values and habits that have already been found.

The conservative's world does not change.

The conservative's world stops.

The conservative can create nothing because the creation is the changing of something.

The conservative's world changes only that moment when he makes a mistake to be liberal.

The conservativeness does not take forward the world and not backwards.

The conservative steps in the same step traces, one time after another.


The life is the concept invented by the human being.

We call certain stages of certain phenomena of the nature a life.

The life is called by the period between a birth and a death.

The birth is called by the being appearance on the people and animals  the germinating of brainly and circulationly and seed
on the plants, separate.

As a death  is said on the people and animals stopping of separate barainly and circulationly creature and withering on the plants.

The life is rare and passing, in the universe.

The purpose of the life is to live.

The purpose of the life to live is a good life.

The purpose of the life to produce to others is good.

To others good production is the greatest luck.

To others good production is the biggest virtue.

To itself the living is not from the lives.

The life is short, in our opinion.

We want a live eternal life, the eternal one is called a paradise even eternal life is worst possible hell.

In life there is no meaning but we can use our life for the thinking of it.

Only the human being can understand that it is living but we cannot contain a life.

Human being

Only the human being understands that it is.

Only the human being understands that he has materialised and died.

Only the human being has a consciousness.

Only the human being has a free will.

Only the human being understands.

Only a human being the bad one can be made.

Only the human being can do a good one.

As the human being has a consciousness, it can understand that it is doing something and decide doing something.

Only the human being has a will which can be free so called.

When a human being has a free will and when it understands that it is living and when the life is incomprehensible, the life will be difficult.

In addition to a consciousness and will, the human being has feelings - and the trap is ready.

The human being is a social being, without other people it is not anything and to be a human being only through other people.

The human being will become a wolf when materialising to the pack of wolves and materialising to be a baboon to the baboon herd and materialising to be a human being to the crowd.

The human being can move his experiences from one generation to another as the only being and this way we get an illusion that the human being would be something when materialising.

The human being does not know when materialising any, the information does not move in the genes.

What does all people learn, he learns after his birth.

The human being tears, the feelings and the subconscious bothers.

The human being and the animal procreate by increasing, there is nature, you fit, a sexual drive and the human beeing has invented the love.

The love is power which updates the life, without sexual drive and love we would destroy everything.

The free will has alienated the human being from the animals.

The alienation can prevent the use of the sexual drive.

The alienation can lead to the extinction to the dying.

The free will can destroy the human being.

The fight for the use of the sexual drive is, you fit in the middle of the people of the power, the power has become estranged later on and has become independent.

We use the power because of its himself.

With the help of the power we can submit others, we can show our existing with the help of the power, with the help of the power we get our name to the headings.

The power gives birth to the envy and the envy the hatred.

The hatred destroys the human being.


The death is as incomprehensible as a life.

We are afraid of the death because it is final and that then this life which we will not contain when we know ends.

Because the death is final, we have invented the life subsequent to the death.

The life subsequent to the death has been set to the place which is not found but must be faithd in it, it is called a heaven.

If there is no heaven, the life subsequent to the death will take place with the birth over the country again.

If one is reincarnated over the country after the death, one can know nothing about the previous life.

If again the one which had materialised is meaning nothing of the previous life, one will not because to him be any significance.

Again I am able to remove the finality of the death with the birth.

The eternal life would be a hell.

The heaven will exist if somebody faiths in it.

The life of the human being will be well based the death of our hope in that way that, eventually, if we live, a normal long life.

As a young we do not and think about the death in our good powers, we live like the life would be eternal.

When we become ill when we recover, we will think of the death immediately, we live like we would not have been sick ever.

Our consciousness, that we approach the death but when we grow old, we already have got used to it.

The death is the ending of a consciousness, consciousness.

The death is final.


The fairness is based on the thought of equality, independence and freedom.

According to the fairness, I neither have a right to intervene in your life nor, you, I.

According to the fairness, I must not produce a drawback to others.

According to the fairness, I do not get any other own to myself own ones.

Nothing is my own, except I himself.

It is wrong to scrape up something to himself, this crookedness is prescribed by laws.

The fairness is a theory.

The fairness is based on a good will.

Because the human being does not have good will, the right is determined by law.

The law controls, the court decides the guardians of law and order and fairness.


The leader leads groups.

The management is management from the place or situation to other.

The management is not being, the management is acts.

All the communities have their leader.

The leader's position is the most important position.

The leader is not a profession to which it is educated, he is the only amateur.

The leaders are noneducated as a leader.

The one therefore wanting will become a leader.

The one knowing the relations will become a leader.

Become a leader, the one which is popular or known.

The leaders are most more unskilled in the companies and communities, they are without education and control.

The leader has the biggest power and the smallest control.


The writing is the putting of words consecutively.

The writing is the forming of sentences.

The writing is a written language.

The writing is concept formation.

By writing I picture the world.

By writing, I create, I open opportunities.

By writing, I create thoughts.

By writing, I edit the worldview.

By writing, I can seal everything.

By writing, I can tell about what is not found.

By writing, I can tell about what there is but nobody knows.

By writing, I can create, to believe and courage.

The writer will be become by becoming a writer and by writing the book.

I do not need to begin to be a writer even if I wrote the book.

The book, writer and being writer are separate matters.

The writer is a wageworker.

The writer gets the possibility to present his idea.

The writer is not free but he can look to the freedom.


Such human being from inside as a home onside.

Home apartment of the human being.

Home, the protection of the soul.


The weapon is a power.

The weapon is power.

The weapon gives the equality.

The weapon destroys.

The weapon does not command.

The gun is warm.


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